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Mega Done is operated self. Mega Done seeks to build the most customer-centric online destination for customers to find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online by giving them more of what they want – vast selection, best prices, fast safe, reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience. And provide sellers with a top class e-commerce platform to all.
India is a beautiful assortment of diversity reflected in our Lifestyle. This diversity is so rich and diverse that an attempt to capture it on a single platform was never made. Mega Done is that sincere attempt by bunch of young insane guys and gals who think this is possible now with the Internet.
We connect local vendors directly to global customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middlemen, help them create/promote their brand and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values. We believe this journey will not only help artisans of India but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today. Testing Text

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